How much do you make?

So the argument over minimum wage has for a while driven me nuts and I’m finally getting to discuss it. The first thing we need to do is figure what exactly minimum wage is suppose to accomplish. To me, this mandatory minimum wage is very unneeded in today’s world and I say this because there is a very small percentage of the workforce who is making minimum wage. According to a study done by the Pew Research Center and published in September of 2014, only about 4.3% of the workforce makes minimum wage or below (there are certain industries/jobs where the employer is allowed to pay their employees less than minimum wage). To me, the intent of a minimum wage would be to insure that the employer is paying a fair amount because companies have the perceived reputation of paying as little as possible. However, when such a small portion of workers are making minimum wage or less, you have to wonder about this so-called reputation. If a company has no legal obligation to pay more than this, why do they? Continue reading

A perspective life lesson

I have for a long time now felt that my disability has been a gift, I would have to say ever since I was around twenty-two, around the year of 2006.  Before this I wouldn’t say I was bitter about being disabled, from what I remember I would every now and then get a little upset but I would have to think that this was a pretty normal thing to happen to a kid and young adult.  While up growing I didn’t know hardly anyone else who had a disability so I have no way to gauge the normalcy of my attitude, all I have is some basic common sense psychology.  Continue reading